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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does CrossFit cost so much?

First, we simply are not a regular gym, and CrossFit is not a typical program. We are a sweet medium between synchronized group exercise movements and personal training. Our entire foundation is built upon injury-preventing proper human movements that are functional to life and sport, through intensity, and constant variance. We don't believe in the synchronization of exercise and we find that most personal trainers charge far too much without getting clients the results for which they are paying. Our prices reflect the value of behind-the-scenes programming that is done for you so you don't have to worry about anything but coming in and moving well. It also goes toward our trained and quality coaches who are dedicated to your best outcome. Their job is to keep you motivated and performing at an intense level as safely as possible. You have to experience it to understand the value in it. This won't happen overnight. However, if given the chance, you will see that this is undoubtedly the way to achieve everything you have ever wanted of health and fitness, and more. That we can guarantee. Gyms that offer dirt cheap prices and deep discounts are simply saying that the value of their service is not what they actually charge, or that the quality of their service reflects the lower prices they charge.

What if I can't do it?

You can. One of our first lessons is that the word "can't" is not allowed to be said in our gym. The word "can't" may very well be why you are where you are right now. We work with what you can do, whatever that may be. Every one of our movements has a "scaled" version that works within your current capabilities to build strength toward the intended goal. We have learned, created, and applied hundreds of scaled movements for members who need an alternative due to physical limitations, weakness in a particular area, or pre-existing injury. The only thing you "can't" continue to do is wait and hope that things will improve on their own. Your body wants and needs to move.

I've seen reports that CrossFit is dangerous. Is that true?

There is more danger in driving to the gym than being in the gym. Is there a risk in what we do? Yes, but there is with any exercise program. Being mobile comes with an inherent chance of getting injured. The alternative is to sit on your butt, get fat, and incur all kinds of health problems and injuries from a decaying body. We believe the risk is overwhelmingly crushed by the benefit of our program. Many of the reports calling CrossFit "dangerous" were actually completely false in their presentations. They made up and used statistics that clearly did not exist. In return, they are currently in a legal battle with CrossFit after being sued for their damaging remarks. The last people that want to see you hurt is us. Nor do we want to be hurt ourselves. If CrossFit was so bad for us, we would have stopped a long time ago. What we do has only enhanced our bodies and prevented injuries that may have occurred if we weren't fit. And please don't believe that there are no injuries from long-distance running, treadmill work, or other perceived less threatening work. They happen everyday, and if they were reported accurately, they would far outnumber anything CrossFit incurs. We have had runners come in with absolutely broken bodies needing to be fixed from a lifetime of running. Proper movement often does them wonders. While running is an essential need of the human, we can think of many more exercises that are equally important to your overall health and fitness.

People say CrossFit is a cult. Why is that?

If average and like-minded people getting together to work hard on their health and fitness is a cult, then we certainly qualify. We choose to call it "community."  You won't find what we have in regular gyms. We actually look forward to seeing each other and talking to each other about our lives in and out of the gym. The atmosphere is naturally awesome.

What sets you apart from other CrossFit gyms?

Time and experience are on our side. We have been involved in fitness for a long time. CrossFit was a natural next-step from what we had known. TrainTown CrossFit was the first in our area. We have years of program application under our belts. There is no guessing about how to get people fit. Our prices are not only competitive, but lower than most around, yet the quality of the coaching stays high. We spent 2 years in a 3,000 sq. ft. facility before our success allowed us to expand to a 12,000 sq. ft. facility. We utilize a user-friendly data platform called WODIFY for our athletes to input and track their workout results for comparison over time. This allows for accurate and progressive goal-setting and attainment. Our group of members is fantastic. Those with egos, attitudes, and a mentality for cheating or slacking are un-invited from our gym. Therefore, we stand upon the shoulders of humble folks who are just trying to improve. We have 20 year-old college athletes working out alongside 60 year-old grandmothers, all finding their own best. If you want a CrossFit gym that has the most established facility, program, members, and coaches, TrainTown CrossFit is worth your drive. See our Trainer's Bios here.

What kind of equipment do you use?

You will not find machines that plug into the wall here. No treadmills. We run on the road. You won't find machines that do most of the work for you here either. So, no perfectly balanced cable-driven, shaft-mounted weight system that you select the load with a pin. At TrainTown CrossFit, we consider you to be the machine. We use items like Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, Medicine Balls, Sandbags, Stones, Tires, Ropes, and Sleds, amongst many others. We train to prepare you for life through functional movements with varying "odd" objects. We will teach you how to properly lift them, carry them, and put them down. From hauling around grocery bags to cutting up a fallen tree, these movements will pay off and replicate in just about everything you do in your everyday life. We also have Rowers, Air Bikes, and Pullup Bars that we will combo up for the best workout you've ever had. All of our equipment is top-of-the-line, hands down. We spare no expense for your safety or quality of items you will use. Almost every item we order is from Rogue Fitness. Their equipment is used at the CrossFit Games every year and they are the industry leader in heavy-duty fitness equipment. They are meant to take the abuse, so we encourage you to dish it out.

Will CrossFit make me "bulky"?

Well we certainly hope so. Is there another look you were hoping for? Weak and shriveled up aren't qualities we choose to strive for here. We tell folks this - if you put real work in, your body is going to change to adapt to that demand. It will most likely become exactly what it was meant to become. Some people have genetics that cause them to be bulky and others just don't, so there is no guarantee. Muscle mass is one of the first and easiest things to lose as we become older and more sedentary. To come in here and gain muscle is not only beautiful, but it is necessary to fight the ravages of time. Along with your new physique will come more capability. People will also call you "fit" as opposed to some other description. The very last thing we think you should worry about is getting bulky. It takes a lot of work to even create that. This is not body-building. However, if you find your beautifully muscular body to be a problem once it occurs, please come and let us know.

Why do I have to have an Intro Session to start CrossFit at your gym?

There are several reasons that we have found better success with requiring and providing an introductory course. What makes people think that CrossFit is dangerous has come from gyms that do not take ample time or provide ample training to those who are new to the experience. They minimize the importance of moving properly and essentially skip the progressions many people need to achieve certain movements correctly. With this rush into what can be complicated movements to a new user, injuries can occur at a higher rate. We believe in slowing it down a little bit, especially in the beginning.  We want to train you properly and give you the confidence needed to continue in the program. We now offer immediate training to get you started. No need to wait for a Intro/On-Track session to start!

Contact us now to start your training NOW!

If you have previous CrossFit experience, contact us for membership information. No Intro Course is required. 

Why Don't You Guys Offer a Free Class?

In all honesty, that free class is more likely to scare you away than make you stay. That's why we do an intro course. You can't possibly get a good understanding of CrossFit, or how our gym applies it by attending 1 class. If you hate it and never come back, you will have 100% passed up your best opportunity to become fit and healthy because the proper time needed to find a more conditioned state was never given. This stuff takes time, patience, effort, and understanding. Come do our Intro Course. Give it at least a month and you will begin to see our methods make you and your body for the better, inside and out! 


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