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TrainTown CrossFit

Thank you for visiting the Town of Ashland, Virginia's first, biggest, and only premier CrossFit facility, located at 625 N. Washington Hwy., just north of Skateland on the Right. Our Goal is simple - to improve the health, wellness, and fitness of anyone willing to walk through our doors. Our Methodology is simple - get to work. No fancy shmancy "going through the motions" here. Real, honest work. That shouldn't scare you. That should excite you. Our Results are simple - you will get out of it what you put into it, and "amazing" often describes it.


If you answer “YES” to any of the following, then JOIN US!

· Are you an athlete wanting to improve your strengths?

· Are you an athlete wanting to improve your weaknesses?

· Are you tired of sitting on the couch and wasting away?

· Do you not like what you see in the mirror?

· Are you looking for a purpose in life?

· Is your current workout regimen mundane and no longer producing results?

· Is your workout regimen breaking down your body? 

· Do you need or want motivation to keep going?

· Do you want an experienced trainer programming your workouts for you?

· Do you want to be in an environment where everyone celebrates your successes and where failure is not an option?

How Do I Start

If you have no CrossFit experience in a CrossFit Affiliate, then contact us to get started.

We are offering individual programming around your schedule so you can get started IMMEDIATELY!

No more waiting for an Intro/On-Track class!!

If you have previous CrossFit experience, please contact us for a demonstration and orientation.

See FAQ for more information.

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I ended 2013 in the worst shape of my life. I was at my highest weight, lowest activity level; my diet was crap. I would always justify my state...

Beth Mallory

I have been a member of TTCF of almost two years now. At the time I was a 58 year old former marathoner and martial arts enthusiast looking for a new challenge...

Mark Clark

Year 2013, I was devastated that my son was going to spend 1 full year on the other side of the world serving our great nation...that was the year I really packed on the pounds....

Phyllis Joyce


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